Super Thick Cat Eye Look

Hello, loves! Sorry about being M.I.A. due to lack of internet (and funds for shopping!) but here is another beauty vlog that I was able to do since I had a Sephora gift certificate for my birthday!

Sephora Highlighting Pen $3
Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation Faker $9 (small)
Kat Von D Tattoo Trooper Eyeliner in Ink Black $18
Sephora Lipstick Lilac Lyric $12
Sephora Nano Lipliner in Lovely Lilac $5

The goods, plus 3 sample items and a Happy Birthday shampoo!

The image that inspired the look…

Phoebe xo


IMG from (


16 thoughts on “Super Thick Cat Eye Look

  1. I love doing a cats eye look, but it gets a little tricky sometimes ! My right eye gets messed when I try to be more ambitious !

    Thanks for the video, going to try it and let you know how it goes !

    PS: I got the Birthday Shampoo too this month !

  2. What a beautiful make up you did and you are such a pretty girl. I really love how you put the list of make up, I love Kat Von D’s make ups. Her lipstick called Celebutard is the best, which pinkish nude color so beautiful. I will check your blog often you did a great job.

  3. I wear the bump nearly every day and I am so sick of it too!! If you hear from anyone about suggestions let me know girl!! Love reading your blogs & watching videos! (: ❤

  4. Awesome – I am an absolute fan of the cat eye and have been a follower since the age of 12! (I’m of Indian descent so it’s a given… it runs in our blood!) 🙂

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