An Interesting Wedding Dress

My last post was about how I have recently moved in with my grandmother. Well, I haven’t been on too much because I do not have internet at her house yet…or cable! Yes, living in the stone age…haha. I took some photographs though of her very interesting wedding dress. My grandfather was in the army and stationed in Japan. When my grandparents got married he had a Japanese parachute. My great grandmother designed the silk parachute into my grandmother’s wedding dress. My grandmother was only 15 years old at the time, and my grandfather was 19. Can you imagine getting married that young? They were together the majority of their lives until my grandfather passed away in 2004.

She looks pretty mature for 15, right? You can’t see the detailing too well, but I assure it was a beautiful dress! A very unique piece.

Phoebe xo


6 thoughts on “An Interesting Wedding Dress

    • I know! I thought that was interesting. Yes, she keeps EVERYTHING! I found a 1970s issue of Southern Living magazine the other day… she needs to throw some stuff out but it was pretty interesting looking at all those old ads!

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