Have mercy on your feet!

Okay, we don’t all like to talk about feet unless it’s about shoes.

Have you ever shopped for an expensive pair of designer shoes, you try them on and they fit great. You buy them, and then go home to change into them. You leave the house and after about an hour of wearing them, you feel it.

It’s the one spot where it’s rubbing your foot raw. You didn’t bring an extra pair of shoes. Uh oh. I’ve had this happen plenty of times. Whether it’s a blister on your bunion or a mark on your heel, it ruins the joyous new-shoes state you’re supposed to be relishing in.

Dr. Scholl’s For Her Rub Relief Strips are amazing. I was skeptical that they would work at first. After wearing a new pair of Coach leather flats that made my feet blister so badly they bled (gross, but true!), it made them feel so much better. After I healed, of course. The best thing about the strips is that you can size them up however you want. It comes out of the dispenser, you press a button and it cuts the piece to your fit. You can put it anywhere you are feeling extra pressure in your shoe.  So don’t give up hope on those problem shoes just yet. If there have been some gorgeous shoes sitting in your closet because they don’t fit right, give these a whirl.


 5 ft dispenser for $9.99 at Walgreens.

Check out all of the Dr. Scholl’s For Her feet-saving products here.


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Silky Smooth Skin

How often do you moisturize? For me, I do every time I shower. Immediately after drying off, I lather on the lotion all over and it makes my skin feel great, and I feel clean and serene. If I I don’t use lotion right after the shower, I go crazy. My skin feels dry, itchy and thirsty! I’ve used a variety of lotions over the years, and I thought I’d share a few with you.

There are some that smell delicious, some that are creamy and some that are great for irritable skin. I don’t know about you, but I have super sensitive skin. I get razor burn easily, and I always have to make sure I don’t leave cheap earrings in long, otherwise my ears turn red and itchy. I love to indulge with the smell good lotions, but I use sensitive skin lotions on a daily basis to keep my skin calm.


Body butters are great if you feel like you really need to quench your skin’s thirst, but they can feel very heavy.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Butter
Bath and Body Works $15

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