Scarves & Cardis

On one of my trips to H&M with my Christmas gift cards, I purchased some cardigans and a scarf. Well, now I definitely wish I bought more than one scarf. I fell in love with it. I don’t know if it is because I live in Florida that I am just catching onto this trend, or what. We’ve had a few cold fronts lately that I most certainly have not been prepared for. It has been in the 40s and a little over a week ago it got down to the 30s.

I love this floral one because it has a few colors to match with it. It was only about $7 at H&M. I definitely plan on purchasing a few more. I’m thinking some bright colors and maybe a funky print and a basic one.
With my winter wardrobe lacking, I don’t have too many winter boots. These are a great pair of brown leather Steve Maddens that are cute and surprisingly comfy. The grey cardigan is from H&M, as well as the jeans.

I actually turned this scarf into an infinity to make it easier to wrap around and stay. I tied both ends in a knot and wrapped it up. I got the idea from this amazing video that has 25 ways to tie a scarf…who knew!

Do you guys have a favorite scarf?

Phoebe xo


The Holidays & 2012

Hello everyone! I am here, I am here! I have been slacking on my blog posting lately, which is no good! I started some new jobs and with that and family in town things have been crazy lately. Oh, and I got into minor a car accident (the day before Christmas Eve) and have had to deal with the stubborn insurance companies and finding transportation. Luckily I was not at fault, but boy has it been a hassle. Since I have been absent through the holidays, I’ll give a little update on what I received from my awesome family and boyfriend.

[Rob and I with my mom’s dog, the infamous Otto.]

[My adorable 2-year-old nephew, Viktor, and the Grinch]

I received a year gym membership from my mother, which I am so happy about! I can now have my boyfriend be my personal trainer, feel healthy and get back into shape again! Rob got me a beautiful sterling silver heart necklace. I also got a bunch of H&M gift cards and a Sephora gift card. (Hello, shopping sprees!) I really couldn’t be happier. With my budget, I did my best getting all of my loved ones the best presents I could. I printed some photos I had taken over the year, and put together some jarred goodies. Hopefully by next year I can amp up the gift giving myself.

I began going to the gym immediately and my entire body has been extremely sore for the past week, but it feels so great. I missed feeling sore!

For New Year’s Eve, Rob and I decided to have a quiet night in. We went out to eat and had some drinks at home. I wore a new outfit I got from H&M, which was both simple and edgy.

[Everything is from H&M besides the stockings and boots.]

I can’t wait to get back to reading all of your lovely blog posts and get to commenting! Hope you all had a safe and happy New Year! I look forward to 2012 and can’t wait to make it great!

Thanks to all of my top commenters of the year. I love you guys, and your blogs!

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Phoebe xo

Versace for H&M: Gorgeous, but too good for everyday women?

After drooling over the H&M website last night, I am a little disappointed. I searched through all of the different designs of dresses, jackets, tops, vests, etc. and swooned over this leather jacket.

Versace for H&M, $299

If you’re a fan of my Facebook page, Phoebe’s Fab Fix, then you may have seen my post about it. But this morning as I’m scrolling through my Twitter feed, I came across this Huffington Post article.

“Donatella will likely not approve shooting the collection on real women.”
H&M publicist

The NY Daily News was supposed to have a shoot featuring three models, all of which are young New Yorkers. Only 1 of the 3 models got the approval. The shoot was cancelled and now the article will feature the three models in holiday cocktail attire.

The problem is, Donatella Versace specifically stated that the H&M Versace line was for the H&M consumer (likely, young, real women). Why can’t they model it? It makes me rethink whether or not I should purchase any pieces from this line. Versace is a high end fashion house, but H&M lines are supposed to make it so that something so high end can become a reality to others.

What are your thoughts?

Also, Tom Ford is rumored to be the next designer for H&M.

Phoebe xo

Pastel Stud Earrings

If you haven’t seen the movie Bridesmaids yet, it is a must see. I saw it with my mother and we were laughing so hard we were in tears. Definitely one that you can see multiple times. One thing I noticed in the movie besides the ridiculous humor, was Kristen Wiig’s style as the character Annie.

I’m a total sucker for blazers, and she wore one a lot in the movie. She flaunted one whether it was with a vintage-looking tee or floral dress. She rocked it. Something else I loved were her colorful earrings she wore throughout the flick.

Thanks to a new site I found called Outblush, someone inquired about where to find some cute look-a-likes.

Before I found this though, I was inspired to buy some small stud earrings at H&M. They were only $2.95 for the pack!

 They add just a little color to an outfit if it is simple, or make it extra edgy if you mix the colors with something else bright, like a blouse or eye shadow.

I got my new Lolli Swim suit in the mail – adorable! I’ll post pictures soon once I have time to have a pool photo shoot 😛





Classic Duo: Blazer and Wayfarers

Working as a freelance writer, I like to look professional, chic and comfy on assignment. I just bought this black blazer at H&M in West Palm for only $20! It also has cute pinstriped lining on the inside, made for sleeves to be rolled.

I paired the blazer with a large white tee (H&M), Guess skinny jeans and Michael Kors studded flats. For finishing touches I clipped on a silver rose pin (H&M) and threw on my retro style, tortoise shell Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

Ready for work!


Weekend in West Palm Beach

One of my closest friends, Mike, asked me to come home to West Palm Beach with him for Memorial Day weekend. A mini, low cost, vacation?! How could I have said no?

We went to Jensen Beach for a day, which is north of West Palm. It was absolutely beautiful. The water was clear, and so BLUE!

I must say, I do love the water on the east coast, and the fact that there are waves that kids like this can actually attempt to surf. Although I do like the west coast’s white sugar sand much better. 😉

I got to splash around and cool off, and of course I wore a pair of polarized Ray-Bans.

We went to downtown West Palm on Clematis Street for a night which was really fun. One of my favorite parts had to be shopping at Gardens Mall, since it has an H&M! Oh, I could have shopped forever. I got a cute floral bubble dress, simple black dress, blazer and a few other goodies. 🙂

Happy Memorial Day all!