I’ve had a busy couple of weeks! I started a new job that I absolutely love as a marketing assistant. I’m so excited for the journey I have started in a career that I am passionate about. A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to do something different with my hair. I wanted to go more natural and I kept seeing this style everywhere, although I did not know what it was called. Now, after some research, I know that it is balayage, or ombre, highlights. They are highlights that start off darker, then fade into a lighter color, giving you a more natural look. It also saves you money because you don’t have to go get your roots done as often! Okay – apparently I am REALLY late on this trend!

I picked out a few photos that I wanted to base the look of off. I showed it to my hairdresser, and she said she’d try it out although she had never done them before.

Well, instead of looking more natural, she tried to do a brown color on top, with blonde underneath. The brown looks red, really.

I don’t hate it, but it is definitely not what I was expecting. I’d like it to be more like my natural color on top, which is an ashy dirty blonde.

[Found on Pinterest, this is the closest to how I would have wanted the highlights to look]

I also was too afraid to go with a middle part, because I have pretty thin hair. What do you guys think? Balayage highlights, or not? Do you think that it is necessary to have long hair and a middle part to pull off this look? Should I try to get it redone eventually, or just do regular highlights?

Phoebe xo

Images from: SJP , Drew , Pinterest


8 thoughts on “Balayage/Ombre

  1. Hi,
    Well, that sucks…that you had your base color altered, especially if you have the perfect base for highlights in general and especially for balayage highlights…:(
    The red will fade, yes, but not back to your natural color. It will fade to a rather to a “orangier” shade if what she used for your base color is permanent color…
    Let’s hope your colorist “warmed” up your base color with a demi-permanent (no ammonia) color.
    Balayage would be perfect for your base color and ombre looks amazing when done on natural color. The whole point of ombre in the first place is the low maintenance factor. If now you have an artificial color, once you grow roots you’ll need a touch up:( 😦
    Hopefully, the change is not so drastic between your natural and your new color. So don’t panic, keep growing your roots as long as you can and don’t give up on balayage. It’s a wonderful technique that will save you lots of money in the long run. 🙂 Go try once you have at least 3 fingers width of roots.
    P.S. You are still pretty and hair doesn’t look bad.

  2. I am so excited for you and your new job! I hope it’s going well and that your hair color is working out these days! I always put so much bleach in my hair that I find myself clipping split ends left right and center. 🙂 You look beautiful though, and you can pull off any style!

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