Scarves & Cardis

On one of my trips to H&M with my Christmas gift cards, I purchased some cardigans and a scarf. Well, now I definitely wish I bought more than one scarf. I fell in love with it. I don’t know if it is because I live in Florida that I am just catching onto this trend, or what. We’ve had a few cold fronts lately that I most certainly have not been prepared for. It has been in the 40s and a little over a week ago it got down to the 30s.

I love this floral one because it has a few colors to match with it. It was only about $7 at H&M. I definitely plan on purchasing a few more. I’m thinking some bright colors and maybe a funky print and a basic one.
With my winter wardrobe lacking, I don’t have too many winter boots. These are a great pair of brown leather Steve Maddens that are cute and surprisingly comfy. The grey cardigan is from H&M, as well as the jeans.

I actually turned this scarf into an infinity to make it easier to wrap around and stay. I tied both ends in a knot and wrapped it up. I got the idea from this amazing video that has 25 ways to tie a scarf…who knew!

Do you guys have a favorite scarf?

Phoebe xo


7 thoughts on “Scarves & Cardis

  1. I love that scarf!! I remember seeing it at H&M. Looks great the way you tied it. Thanks for the video too. I have a lot of scraves, but don’t really know how to wear them. Now I do!!!

  2. Love the scarf! And thanks for all the ways to wear one:) Ive been trying to find new ways since this winter has gotten sooooo cold!! ((I live in Ohio))
    Thanks again for the follow:)

  3. Great post! And, yes, I do a favorite scarf. It is BRIGHT red, and I wear it everyday (which may or may not be a good decision).

    Hope everything is well with you!

    — Lauren, from LVDS

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