Shoe Dreams & Confessions

I have a confession to make. I love shoes. I love high heels, pumps, booties, flats and bedazzled gladiator sandals.

Okay, now that that is on the table – my second ridiculous confession. I love heels, yet I don’t wear them. It is hard to not come off sounding super materialistic as I write this. Well hey, it’s a fashion blog. It’s true though.

I’m fairly tall as it is (just over 5’7). I love looking at heels in awe at the store or online. If I actually get the gusto to purchase the pair, I’ll only end up wearing them on special occasion. Even then I usually feel awkward wearing them. I’d end up wearing a pair out with my girlfriends at a bar, then find that I’m towering over all of my friends, and most of the guys. My other confession being that I have a tendency to like shorter men. (Sorry babe, had to call you out for the sake of this post.) Apparently I’m drawn to short, petite women too, because most all of my girlfriends are around 5’3-4 or so and they wear heels just to feel normal next to me, who quickly becomes the amazon woman when wearing a pair of pumps.

Does anyone else have this issue? I know most girls feel more confident and empowered when they slip on a pair, which I usually do at first. Then that quickly fades away when I find that I’m looking down on people as I talk to them. I’m not even that tall! My mother is 5’9 and my father is 6 ft, so I could have been even taller. Don’t get me wrong, I really couldn’t care less what people think of me dating a shorter guy. It’s when I wear heels and it becomes more pronounced and suddenly there’s an elephant in the room (or so I think). It’s not even just that. I could get over that. But my feet could also be compared to Big Foot. I wear a size 9, and my feet are very WIDE. So, even if I find a pair of heels I’m absolutely in love with so much that I don’t care about where I wear them or who I wear them around, they usually don’t fit in the first place. Then, I have the issue of where to wear the shoes. What occasion is appropriate? A date? A party? The bar?

So yes, I usually end up with heels that sit in my closet that I look at and think how beautiful they are. Stupid? Maybe. I like to think of them more as a work of art. I may not rock them as other girls would so well, but I know I can at least admire the print, the quality, and the construction of it.

One particular pair of shoes that I have been coveting so much lately that I had a DREAM about them is this pair of 6 inch wedge booties, Pauline by Shoemint (new website with a collaborative collection by Rachel Bilson, Nicole Chavez and Steve Madden). (Of course, they’re currently sold out.)



6 INCHES! Okay, then I’d definitely feel like an amazon woman. But they are GORGEOUS. I love the color. The suede. The wedge. The corset stitching in the back. Ugh. I even get $25 off my first pair. They’d be perfect to wear for the holidays (Or is 6 in too inappropriate? Probably.) My boyfriend also thinks they are ugly. Which immediately makes me think of I may be living in lala land. But, my question for you, readers, is it worth it to purchase a pair that I think are absolutely fantastic, or just print out a picture and hang it on the wall?

Am I crazy, or does anyone else have this problem? I need your help fashion bloggers!

Kudos to you if you read my long post! xoxox

Phoebe xo


20 thoughts on “Shoe Dreams & Confessions

  1. Hi lovey! You are so beautiful, and I hope you know that. I read this and I have got to say, flaunt what you’ve got doll! I would kill to be tall. I think tall women are gorgeous. Don’t let it stop you from wearing heels! And any man that isn’t attracted to a strong, gorgeous, tall, confident woman is out of his damn mind and surely not worth your time:) Buy the shoes!!! xoxox

  2. Phoebe, I LOVE high heels but they work for me because I’m only 5’4″ish and hubby is over 6′. I tend to not ask him his opinion about my shoes too much because in the end, I am a shoe-a-holic, and I’ll end up wearing whatever I want to wear. I say if you like the shoes, get ’em. You only live once. 6″ heels are awesome… work it, girl! I don’t mind being towered over by my tall friends- I have many of them- if they want to wear super high heels, let ’em, ’cause I like them too!

  3. I do have this problem! The thing is.. I am closer to 5’11” so I definitely am afriad of heels. I love them and wish I could wear them, but I would easily tower ovre everyone in them!! Hopefully I can conquer my fear one day. Plus, It’s hard for me to find shoes anyway (I wear a size 12).

  4. Haha, don’t be silly! I am 5’9 and my favourite shoes are at least 6 inches high. I never wear them, because I look like a ridiculous daddy longlegs, but my tip is to wear black raybans, grow your hair out to ridiculous lengths and get a long-suffering male friend to walk behind you in similar raybans and a black suit. If he bends a coat hanger a bit, he can twist it round his ear to make a DIY fake walkie-talkie. If someone stares at you, then points and whispers to their friend, you get a hundred billion points, because they clearly think you are Kate Moss. If they don’t, they are respecting your celebrity privacy. Win all round I say!

  5. Hey Phoebe!!

    High heels are my obsession. Sometimes the higher the heel the better. Maybe it’s because I’m 5’2/ 5’3 but those are minor details. You can rock these heels and I’m sure you would look like a million bucks doing so. xo

  6. i really love shoes too! im basically just a shopaholic. unfortunately, the majority of the most beautiful shoes are not flats. so i’m in the same boat as you as i am 5’11” with a size 11 foot. fun times. but really, if you have a special occassion to wear them to, i say go for it! who cares if you tower over everyone else? i’ve always had that problem but i can finally relax now as all of the guys are catching up to me and surpassing me by far.

  7. I think 5’7” is not too tall to wear heels! We all come in different heights and you shouldn’t let that limit you, wear the heels. In addition those shoes are gorgeous and would look great on you.

  8. Oh my gosh, please don’t hate me… but I don’t like them. And I don’t get why Rachel Bilson has gotten such strong fashion street cred… then again, I could still be bitter that her Sunglass Hut contest passed me over. 😉 But the shoe’s a bit much, to me. I’m more of a 4.5 inch sharp or block heel gal; not wedge (although I do have two pairs of smaller wedges.) I invested in some very sharp 4.5 stiletto heel Badgley Mischka boots this year, and I just wore a pair today to work.

    • Haha you are AWESOME and thank you for being honest! My boyfriend would agree with you 100%. I think a part of the reason why I am so apprehensive about them is because they are HUGE and very out there and different. And, I know, you totally should have one that contest. xo

  9. I love the shoe!

    What’s more, Its so interesting hearing your point of view. I’m 5’8″ so I kind of agree. haha! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    –Lauren, from LVDS

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