Woolite can do wonders

Since I have been putting my professional wardrobe to use lately, I have encountered the debatable, self question of, “How many times can I wear this before I need to make a trip to the dry cleaners?” Don’t lie. You know you’ve thought the same thing.

It was then that I realized there must be another option. Woolite Dry Cleaner’s Secret does the trick. With one cloth it “cleans, deodorizes and relaxes wrinkles in just 20 minutes.” (According to the box.) Which I found, it most certainly does.

This simple product saves you a ton of money and time. Your blazers, slacks, and delicates come out smelling fresh and feeling clean. Hang them up right away if you’re attempting to avoid ironing. This is the only downside of not making the trip to the cleaners. If it is your designer, beaded evening gown though, you may want to make that trip.

(A box of 6 cloths is about $8 and cleans up to 24 garments)

Phoebe xo


6 thoughts on “Woolite can do wonders

  1. I only take my stuff to the dry cleaners if it has a spill or something on it. If that means I wear it like 5-6 times, then that’s ok with me! Dry cleaning is expensive, but the what I hate most is going to drop it off and pick it up.

    I have also had some bad experiences with dry cleaners. They have completely ruined several of my wardrobe staples- very expensive, nice pieces! The buckle came off of a pair of $200 pants once.

    One time, I had a maid come and clean our home, and she threw an entire bag of “dry cleaning only” clothing into the washer as a “favor”. She ruined over $1000 worth of dresses and tops. It was awful! (Common sense would have told you not to do this, b/c most of the items were silk.) Either way, I called the owner of the maid service. He tried giving me a hard time but I told him, “you need to do the right thing and reimburse me for the money”. Luckily, I kept the receipts and was able to prove to him how much these garments cost. We compromised at like $700. But, there are some beautiful tops that were completely ruined. 😦

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