Baby at the Barn

With the weather getting a little cooler here in Florida, my mother has been begging me and the rest of the family to come out to the barn and see her horse. She has a beautiful, tall, American Saddlebred named Starbucks. My nephew, Viktor, just turned two and we thought it would be a great experience for him to come out to the barn and see all kinds of critters. He got to see the “horsies” and the “moo-moos” just as planned.

The thing that I find fascinating is that Viktor is becoming a bilingual baby. His mother, my step-sister-in-law, (that’s a mouthful!) Stefanie is from Hanover, Germany. She speaks to him in German and my stepbrother speaks to him in English. I am envious at this fact as I have always wanted to learn another language, and for him to grow up knowing two already is a gift!

He has entered his terrible-twos and when he gets excited he has a tendency to start biting. Stefanie had to start yelling “Nicht beissen, Viktor!” to him repeatedly, (no biting) and now he tells my stepfather “Nicht beissen, GraGra” (his version of Grandpa) when he is trying to behave himself in order to receive what he wants.

 All in all, he loved the entire experience. The funny part was is that he had more of an obsession with Paris, the barn cat than anything else. He kept asking for the “kitty cat” and after riding the Starbucks he kept asking for “more” riding! I even gave it a go on Starbucks, but my due to my lackluster riding skills I only went around the ring a few times.

What I wore: A denim, button-up tunic (Wet Seal), grey leggings, grey combat-style boots (Zigi Soho ‘Tellie’, DSW) and my Ray-Bans (RB4147).


Phoebe xo


5 thoughts on “Baby at the Barn

  1. Phoebe, you look GREAT! I also love the main image of your blog with the glasses and dog… you are too cute for words. And so is nephew! Loved this post. Thanks for sharing with us!

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