Silky Smooth Skin

How often do you moisturize? For me, I do every time I shower. Immediately after drying off, I lather on the lotion all over and it makes my skin feel great, and I feel clean and serene. If I I don’t use lotion right after the shower, I go crazy. My skin feels dry, itchy and thirsty! I’ve used a variety of lotions over the years, and I thought I’d share a few with you.

There are some that smell delicious, some that are creamy and some that are great for irritable skin. I don’t know about you, but I have super sensitive skin. I get razor burn easily, and I always have to make sure I don’t leave cheap earrings in long, otherwise my ears turn red and itchy. I love to indulge with the smell good lotions, but I use sensitive skin lotions on a daily basis to keep my skin calm.


Body butters are great if you feel like you really need to quench your skin’s thirst, but they can feel very heavy.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Butter
Bath and Body Works $15

Coconut Frosting Body Butter
Philosophy $20

Sensitive/Irritated Skin

This is one of my favorites and oatmeal is great for calming irritated skin.


Colloidal Oatmeal for Itchy Dry Sensitive Skin
Nature’s Gate $10.99


Moisturizing Cream
Cetaphil $13.99

Calming Creme
Eucerin $11.99

Of course, another way to keep you skin moisturized is to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water, and lather up!

What are some of your favorite lotions? I’d love to hear!

Phoebe xo

Walgreens, Bath and Body Works, Nature’s Gate, Philosophy, Cetaphil


11 thoughts on “Silky Smooth Skin

  1. I too use lotion every day, and for me, it also serves as an emotional experience. For example, now that it’s Fall, I will go to Philosophy or Bath and Body Works and pick out a candy apple and a pumpkin. I will want to smell those scents as the leaves are falling, and I’ll want Fall artwork in my bathroom. The lotion bottle is my favorite way to achieve this! I used coconut all summer – this shimmery one on my arms, the thicker one on my legs. Yum.

    • Although I’m in hot, humid Florida, I know what you mean. Any time I would visit my aunt in the mountains of Colorado my skin and lips would dry up so badly! I hear the Eucerin one is great for winter time.

  2. I’m with you. I have terribly dry skin that’s itchy and unbearable without lotion. I have been lathering myself in lotion since I was in Elementary school. (Head to toe)

    I use Eucerin as well, but I use the thick paste-like stuff called “Eucerin Intensive Repair”. I have the Eucerin Calming Creme too, but its not enough if its winter or I’m in dry climates, like California. I use a squeeze of the Eucerin Intensive Care and a squeeze of a tinted lotion (or whatever i have on hand at the time) and combine them. This helps me spread the thick stuff easier.

    I have never tried the Philosophy Coconut, but I am IN LOVE with the “Philosophy Amazing Grace!” It has the most seductive smell. I use this randomly like before i go out or before I get in bed with my sweetie. 😉

    I used to use the body butter by bath and body works. I should try it again, b/c i remember liking it alot!

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