Sunny Summer Solution: Dresses

Dresses are simple. You don’t spend extra time trying to find the right shorts, jeans, tops, etc to match each other. The only thing you have to pair it with are shoes and accessories. It is a great foundation to build upon for an outfit. Living in Florida during the summer, there are days where you just can’t even bear to think about pulling on a pair of skinny jeans. Here are a few dresses I’ve found online that I think are perfect for summer.

A great everyday dress – Forever 21 $27.80

The mustard yellow color is definitely IN this summer! I’ve been seeing it everywhere. Forever 21 $13.50

This Billabong mossy-green dress looks cool and comfy. Billabong $32.99

One problem I have with some dresses out there is that they are SHORT. I have really long legs, so I don’t want it to look like I’m wearing a t-shirt pulled over my bum as a dress – NO thanks. One solution is the maxi dress. Be careful if you are petite though, it could make you look swallowed whole!

I LOVE this print and hippie vibe – Angola Maxi Dress $59.50

So I can’t help but like some of the shorter dresses, so if I give in I make sure they are a little longer than some others and save it for a night out, not the middle of the day.  Either that or add tights or leggings, but Lord only knows that the summer in Florida is WAY too hot for that!

Love this with the bun for an ultra-chic look. Forever 21 $17.80

Last but not least, a flirty dress with a playful print:

Forever 21 $19.80

Happy summer shopping!
Phoebe xo

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8 thoughts on “Sunny Summer Solution: Dresses

  1. So i was planning on going to F21 tomorrow to grab a white tank to make for the midnight showing of Harry Potter, but since I am there I’m definitely taking the time to try on that mustard dress. For 13.50 I am going to be so depressed if i can’t find it LOL. And I think I might do my next blog post about mustard colored clothes; you’ve inspired me!

    -Bianca at

  2. I tried on the mustard yellow dress and the coral dress from Forever 21 when I went shopping last weekend! I almost bought the coral one (the back cut out is so cute).

    But, you’re right mustard yellow is IN. I am looking everywhere for the perfect piece to add to my wardrobe.

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