Hot Pink Lips

Aside from the colors yellow, coral or turquoise something else I have been seeing a lot of this summer is hot pink/fuchsia lipstick.

I found this on InStyle

Emma Stone wears a redder lip above, and then with her hair color change wears a brighter pink. Gwen Stefani and Olivia Munn prove that the pink can be worn on both a blonde or brunette.

I love Sephora brand makeup because it is not as pricey and you still get good quality. The Love Test lipstick looks like a good shade for just $12.

Be bold, try on a new shade for summer! If you’re worried about choosing the right shade, have an associate help you – they are great! I know I hope to make a trip to Sephora soon 🙂

Phoebe xo

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12 thoughts on “Hot Pink Lips

  1. I have a thing for nude lips, i think they are gorgeous if you are trying to put emphasis on your eye makeup. but when the lips are the statement i do pink 🙂 unfortunately i look ridiculous with red lips 😦

    oh and sephora brand makeup is my favorite its kinda like kirkland when it comes to costco haha


  2. I wore fuchsia lipstick for many years in the 1980’s, because hot pink is one of my favorite colors and it made me feel sexy.

    I also love Sephora brand products. I got a Sephora smokey eye brush kit with mascara included and I love it. I’ve been thinking about going back to get some new eyeshadow, it wouldn’t hurt to look at some lipstick too.

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