An Interesting Wedding Dress

My last post was about how I have recently moved in with my grandmother. Well, I haven’t been on too much because I do not have internet at her house yet…or cable! Yes, living in the stone age…haha. I took some photographs though of her very interesting wedding dress. My grandfather was in the army and stationed in Japan. When my grandparents got married he had a Japanese parachute. My great grandmother designed the silk parachute into my grandmother’s wedding dress. My grandmother was only 15 years old at the time, and my grandfather was 19. Can you imagine getting married that young? They were together the majority of their lives until my grandfather passed away in 2004.

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1960s Fashion: Vintage Haute Couture

I recently just made the step to move in with my grandmother. Yes, my grandmother. It has come to the point where I’m the poor post grad that needs a rent-free place to stay temporarily to be closer to where I need to find work. So to grandmother’s house I go.

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Lipstick! Sephora Haul

So, here is my first vlog! I’m a little inexperienced with the video thing, so bear with me. I bought the fuchsia-colored lipstick by Sephora mentioned in my last post, a liner and a brow kit.

For some odd reason, the first like 7 seconds of the video is totally messed up, anyone know how to fix it? Lol!

Sephora Perfect Brow Kit $10
Sephora Lipstick in Love Test $12
Sephora Nano Lip liner in Funky Fuchsia  $5

Phoebe xo

Hot Pink Lips

Aside from the colors yellow, coral or turquoise something else I have been seeing a lot of this summer is hot pink/fuchsia lipstick.

I found this on InStyle

Emma Stone wears a redder lip above, and then with her hair color change wears a brighter pink. Gwen Stefani and Olivia Munn prove that the pink can be worn on both a blonde or brunette.

I love Sephora brand makeup because it is not as pricey and you still get good quality. The Love Test lipstick looks like a good shade for just $12.

Be bold, try on a new shade for summer! If you’re worried about choosing the right shade, have an associate help you – they are great! I know I hope to make a trip to Sephora soon 🙂

Phoebe xo

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Sunny Summer Solution: Dresses

Dresses are simple. You don’t spend extra time trying to find the right shorts, jeans, tops, etc to match each other. The only thing you have to pair it with are shoes and accessories. It is a great foundation to build upon for an outfit. Living in Florida during the summer, there are days where you just can’t even bear to think about pulling on a pair of skinny jeans. Here are a few dresses I’ve found online that I think are perfect for summer.

A great everyday dress – Forever 21 $27.80

The mustard yellow color is definitely IN this summer! I’ve been seeing it everywhere. Forever 21 $13.50

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