Shoes & Kitties

Seeking out a new job and working as a PR assistant in Tampa led me to look for a professional wardrobe. Of course I had some professional clothes, but I definitely needed some that were of better quality.

I decided to check out Express. As soon as I walked in the salesman greeted me and asked what I was looking for. I told him I was a post grad looking for some “real world clothes”. He lead me straight to the suit section. I found some great slacks and a blazer. Definitely check out Express if you are looking for some quality, professional clothes for not too bad of a price!

Next I needed some not-so-sky-high heels. I had some gift cards to DSW, so I made a trip there. I found some JS by Jessica Simpson heels that were fabulous, but a little too high. They say that 2 inches is the best height for work. I’m a little over 5’7, so I don’t want tower too high anyways. Then I found some Mix No. 6 heels for just $39.95 and they’re comfortable (well, as comfortable as a heel can be). Then I spotted some oxford-inspired Steve Madden flats. I had to have them too. I just wish I could have gotten them in black and cream, but they didn’t have my size. I ended up with the two-tone tan and cream ones and I’m still very happy with them 🙂

My kitties decided they wanted to participate in my shoe photo shoot – they LOVE shopping bags!

Now I should be prepared for interviews!




10 thoughts on “Shoes & Kitties

  1. Aw, your curious kitties are so sweet! I’ve got two felines of my own. Totally digging the oxford flats. Be sure to post pics of some outfits you put together with these shoes!

  2. Hello Phoebe, I just happened to pull up facebook (something I do not do very often) but I saw this link (I guess that’s what it’s called) and I saw this one with the cats in the bags and checking them out! I love those! They remind me of Pepsi when she was younger as she used to go into shopping bags and play! Anyway, I hope all is well and I see that you’re looking for work, which can’t be fun, but you’ll find something as long as you keep persevering! Keep us informed and I must say that I like this web page of yours as it looks professional! Harrison is working at a mortgage company aimed at veterans and seems to like it! Maybe you know though as he’s on facebook more than me for sure! Mark

  3. Love the shoes, and also love DSW. I have a whole lot of shoes and hats from them 🙂

    Hope your interview went well !

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