Sweet Summer: Lolli Swim

So, needless to say, I am beyond ecstatic right now! I never enter contests, and on a whim I entered Swell’s “Win It Wednesday” contest to win this ADORABLE bikini!

I WON THE GOLDEN TICKET! 🙂 The suit was just too cute to not try and win. I am a lucky girl! Check out Lolli Swim – they have some delectable suits. So glad this contest has helped me discover this Cali-based swim suit shop! How can you not love that bow? I have some shades that will go with it perfectly 😉 Check back to see some photos once I receive it!

They also have the bottoms in these cute colors:

Don’t forget to check out one of my all-time favorites Swell (I have shopped with them since high school and they never let me down!)
Happy Thursday!



15 thoughts on “Sweet Summer: Lolli Swim

  1. I know right?! And yes – they’re going to make me be EXTRA motivated in the gym now! You’re welcome, look forward to your posts! xo

  2. Thanks! The bow just tops it off, and after looking at the site I may just end up purchasing some other suits! xo

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