Classic Duo: Blazer and Wayfarers

Working as a freelance writer, I like to look professional, chic and comfy on assignment. I just bought this black blazer at H&M in West Palm for only $20! It also has cute pinstriped lining on the inside, made for sleeves to be rolled.

I paired the blazer with a large white tee (H&M), Guess skinny jeans and Michael Kors studded flats. For finishing touches I clipped on a silver rose pin (H&M) and threw on my retro style, tortoise shell Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

Ready for work!



17 thoughts on “Classic Duo: Blazer and Wayfarers

  1. Phoebe-YOU look fabulouse. Thank you for following me on wordpress. I will stay in touch with you as well. Many blessings. Catherine Garvin
    Twitter @CatherineGarvin
    Facebook Fan Page: Catherine Garvin
    Linked in: Catherine Garvin

  2. Greetings. Phoebe. U R looking fabulous. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I did the same. We could also connect @CatherineGarvin, Facebook Fan Page, Catherine Garvin and Linked in. Many blessings. Yea!

    • It’s a classic look but I thought the pin added a little spice. A friend got it for me for Christmas for my hair but I thought it was a LITTLE big πŸ˜‰ xo

  3. Hello Phoebe! How are u? Well. I first would like to say “thank you” for visiting my chanel! πŸ™‚ Such a pleasure! I also speak in English, so that will not be a concern! Hahaha. I’m From SΓ£o Paulo, Brasil. I really like fashion, but unfortunately there’s too much bloggers on web, so I try to run away from the “normal” blogger life. I work with the fashion market since last year, and also I study journalism in the Uni. I work for three man brands.. Well If u got facebook, add me! πŸ˜‰ And I promisse that I’ll try to write in English! Hahhaha. xxxx. take care. P.S.: Just loved the H&M blazer. So chic. And my name is Rafael.

  4. Thank you Rafael! Thanks for subscribing. I know what you mean by a lot of fashion bloggers out there! Have to find your niche, but everyone has their own sense of style! I wish I was bilingual but I do love your photographs πŸ™‚ Added you! Nice to connect with people all over xo

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