Femme-Punk Polish

While I consider myself to be sunglass savvy, I am also a total product junkie. Be it makeup, hair product, skin care, or polish – I collect it. The fact that Sephora employees know me by name will prove it.

A trip to Walgreens is also tempting as well. After picking up my latest issue of Elle, I also nabbed some nail polish. I was looking for some softer colors and ended up picking out some feminine Essie colors. I had also been on the hunt for the new OPI “Shatter”, but it had been sold out wherever I looked.

I found Sally Hansen’s Crackle in “Ink Splatter” instead. It was around $6 and seems to work just as well. It also comes in several colors including hot pink, silver, etc.

Normally one would pair the black with some neon colors, but I wanted to try a femme/punk mix. I used Essie’s “French Affair” on my fingers, and “Lilacism” on my toes, sans Crackle.




14 thoughts on “Femme-Punk Polish

  1. One thin layer does the trick! As soon as it starts to dry, it crackles. I love it because even if your polish chips a little over time, you can hardly tell 😉

    Kind of reminds me of that “shell” chocolate syrup that hardens on cold ice cream…LOL

  2. So glad you posted this. I was just in Hawaii, and I was reading People on the plane. There was an article about not wearing the same polish on every finger. I thought they were nuts, but clearly this mix and match is on to something! Your frenchie punk girl look is so super cool! Thanks for the great idea!

  3. I tried the bys nail crackle and it DID NOT WORK! I was so upset but now i’m pumped that the sally hansen does work. I love all her products, have you seen the stick on nail strips? THEY ARE GORGEOUS!

  4. Ahh I’ve been wanting to try them! I just have been hesitant since they are like $10 a pack and you only get one set right? They are super cute though xo

  5. I love crackle polish!! O.P.I just launched new colors. Got my toes done yesterday with their crackle polish in Turquoise with white underneath. LOVE IT!!

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