Shoes & Kitties

Seeking out a new job and working as a PR assistant in Tampa led me to look for a professional wardrobe. Of course I had some professional clothes, but I definitely needed some that were of better quality.

I decided to check out Express. As soon as I walked in the salesman greeted me and asked what I was looking for. I told him I was a post grad looking for some “real world clothes”. He lead me straight to the suit section. I found some great slacks and a blazer. Definitely check out Express if you are looking for some quality, professional clothes for not too bad of a price!

Next I needed some not-so-sky-high heels. I had some gift cards to DSW, so I made a trip there. I found some JS by Jessica Simpson heels that were fabulous, but a little too high. They say that 2 inches is the best height for work. I’m a little over 5’7, so I don’t want tower too high anyways. Then I found some Mix No. 6 heels for just $39.95 and they’re comfortable (well, as comfortable as a heel can be). Then I spotted some oxford-inspired Steve Madden flats. I had to have them too. I just wish I could have gotten them in black and cream, but they didn’t have my size. I ended up with the two-tone tan and cream ones and I’m still very happy with them 🙂

My kitties decided they wanted to participate in my shoe photo shoot – they LOVE shopping bags!

Now I should be prepared for interviews!




Pastel Stud Earrings

If you haven’t seen the movie Bridesmaids yet, it is a must see. I saw it with my mother and we were laughing so hard we were in tears. Definitely one that you can see multiple times. One thing I noticed in the movie besides the ridiculous humor, was Kristen Wiig’s style as the character Annie.

I’m a total sucker for blazers, and she wore one a lot in the movie. She flaunted one whether it was with a vintage-looking tee or floral dress. She rocked it. Something else I loved were her colorful earrings she wore throughout the flick.

Thanks to a new site I found called Outblush, someone inquired about where to find some cute look-a-likes.

Before I found this though, I was inspired to buy some small stud earrings at H&M. They were only $2.95 for the pack!

 They add just a little color to an outfit if it is simple, or make it extra edgy if you mix the colors with something else bright, like a blouse or eye shadow.

I got my new Lolli Swim suit in the mail – adorable! I’ll post pictures soon once I have time to have a pool photo shoot 😛





Sweet Summer: Lolli Swim

So, needless to say, I am beyond ecstatic right now! I never enter contests, and on a whim I entered Swell’s “Win It Wednesday” contest to win this ADORABLE bikini!

I WON THE GOLDEN TICKET! 🙂 The suit was just too cute to not try and win. I am a lucky girl! Check out Lolli Swim – they have some delectable suits. So glad this contest has helped me discover this Cali-based swim suit shop! How can you not love that bow? I have some shades that will go with it perfectly 😉 Check back to see some photos once I receive it!

They also have the bottoms in these cute colors:

Don’t forget to check out one of my all-time favorites Swell (I have shopped with them since high school and they never let me down!)
Happy Thursday!


Classic Duo: Blazer and Wayfarers

Working as a freelance writer, I like to look professional, chic and comfy on assignment. I just bought this black blazer at H&M in West Palm for only $20! It also has cute pinstriped lining on the inside, made for sleeves to be rolled.

I paired the blazer with a large white tee (H&M), Guess skinny jeans and Michael Kors studded flats. For finishing touches I clipped on a silver rose pin (H&M) and threw on my retro style, tortoise shell Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

Ready for work!


Femme-Punk Polish

While I consider myself to be sunglass savvy, I am also a total product junkie. Be it makeup, hair product, skin care, or polish – I collect it. The fact that Sephora employees know me by name will prove it.

A trip to Walgreens is also tempting as well. After picking up my latest issue of Elle, I also nabbed some nail polish. I was looking for some softer colors and ended up picking out some feminine Essie colors. I had also been on the hunt for the new OPI “Shatter”, but it had been sold out wherever I looked.

I found Sally Hansen’s Crackle in “Ink Splatter” instead. It was around $6 and seems to work just as well. It also comes in several colors including hot pink, silver, etc.

Normally one would pair the black with some neon colors, but I wanted to try a femme/punk mix. I used Essie’s “French Affair” on my fingers, and “Lilacism” on my toes, sans Crackle.