Weekend in West Palm Beach

One of my closest friends, Mike, asked me to come home to West Palm Beach with him for Memorial Day weekend. A mini, low cost, vacation?! How could I have said no?

We went to Jensen Beach for a day, which is north of West Palm. It was absolutely beautiful. The water was clear, and so BLUE!

I must say, I do love the water on the east coast, and the fact that there are waves that kids like this can actually attempt to surf. Although I do like the west coast’s white sugar sand much better. 😉

I got to splash around and cool off, and of course I wore a pair of polarized Ray-Bans.

We went to downtown West Palm on Clematis Street for a night which was really fun. One of my favorite parts had to be shopping at Gardens Mall, since it has an H&M! Oh, I could have shopped forever. I got a cute floral bubble dress, simple black dress, blazer and a few other goodies. 🙂

Happy Memorial Day all!



One thought on “Weekend in West Palm Beach

  1. Wow looks like it was a gorgeous day!! Sounds like you had a great mini vaca! – love your bikini, so cute! (: I love H&M, you should do some “what I wore” posts. ❤

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