Hot Retro Styles: Cat Eye

Gwen Stefani is by far my number one style icon. She had her younger, punk years, and now she is posh and proper – but still has that rocker edge. I went to visit my former manager at SGH in Miromar Outlets in Estero and found THESE:

Funky fresh, right? I love them. The retro cat eye is oh so chic, and the magenta and black makes them pop for an incredibly unique look. They are new from D&G and they’re $134.95. [DD3061] They remind me of something Gwen would rock and alas, I found this.

Check it out…Gwen has some cat-eye Dior frames! Then there are these cat-eye frames by Prada. A little pricier, of course, that’s Prada.

Prada $245 [P21NS] Gorgeous right?!

I’ll have some more updates soon.

xox Best,


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6 thoughts on “Hot Retro Styles: Cat Eye

  1. I got a pair of Oakley cat eye sunglasses as a Christmas gift that are adorable! I’m dying to wear them once I get my contacts.

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