Weekend in West Palm Beach

One of my closest friends, Mike, asked me to come home to West Palm Beach with him for Memorial Day weekend. A mini, low cost, vacation?! How could I have said no?

We went to Jensen Beach for a day, which is north of West Palm. It was absolutely beautiful. The water was clear, and so BLUE!

I must say, I do love the water on the east coast, and the fact that there are waves that kids like this can actually attempt to surf. Although I do like the west coast’s white sugar sand much better. 😉

I got to splash around and cool off, and of course I wore a pair of polarized Ray-Bans.

We went to downtown West Palm on Clematis Street for a night which was really fun. One of my favorite parts had to be shopping at Gardens Mall, since it has an H&M! Oh, I could have shopped forever. I got a cute floral bubble dress, simple black dress, blazer and a few other goodies. 🙂

Happy Memorial Day all!



What’s with the P?

The “P” you will often see on the lens next to the brand, or sometimes a sticker, stands for polarized. Now, you may or may not have heard about polarization. The most common comment I hear from people is, “Isn’t that just for fishing?” – MYTH!

[Prada pair from my last post comes in polarized, P21NS $285]

Yes, polarization is great for fishing. What polarization does is it eliminates glare. So, when you are looking into the water trying to get a glimpse to see just what kind of monster that is on your line, you can see through the water clearly, sans glare.

Yet, polarization is great for so many more things. Polarized lenses are great for everyday use as well. How about when you’re driving to work in the morning and fidgeting with that sun visor just isn’t doing the trick? How about when you’re driving and you look to switch lanes and there is a glare reflecting in your eyes from another car’s windshield? Polarized lenses are just the solution! The glare will be gone.

They are great for any outdoor sport or activity. I used to think that the lenses were only great for looking into the ocean, but I was wrong. I now have several pairs and they are a stupendous investment. It will cause the price to rise, but it is well worth it. Depending on the color, you can also get different benefits. An amber colored lens will brighten greens, and a grey colored lens will give your eyes a sense of ease. A rose colored lens is also said to brighten greens, which is great for golfers and tennis players.

The only complaint that I have is that unfortunately a lot of the high-end designer brands are lacking options of polarized pairs. D&G, Prada and Versace are slowly coming out with more. Mostly just your classic Ray-Ban and sports brands like Oakley have the most pairs in both polarized and non-polarized. Some brands don’t offer anything but polarized, like Maui Jim or Revo.

Next time you’re searching for a pair, try on a pair of polarized, look outside the window, and compare them to a non-polarized pair. The difference is amazing and well worth it for your eyes!



Hot Retro Styles: Cat Eye

Gwen Stefani is by far my number one style icon. She had her younger, punk years, and now she is posh and proper – but still has that rocker edge. I went to visit my former manager at SGH in Miromar Outlets in Estero and found THESE:

Funky fresh, right? I love them. The retro cat eye is oh so chic, and the magenta and black makes them pop for an incredibly unique look. They are new from D&G and they’re $134.95. [DD3061] They remind me of something Gwen would rock and alas, I found this.

Check it out…Gwen has some cat-eye Dior frames! Then there are these cat-eye frames by Prada. A little pricier, of course, that’s Prada.

Prada $245 [P21NS] Gorgeous right?!

I’ll have some more updates soon.

xox Best,


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Designer Shades: Worth the Splurge

I received my very first pair of designer sunglasses when I was 16 years old. This may seem young, but they were a gift. I may sound spoiled – well I kind of was, by my grandmother anyways. They were a pair of white D&G’s with small silver studs with the D&G logo on the side. I had to have them. I requested them as a gift because they were way out of my price range. Most of my family members rolled their eyes when I made a request for designer shades. My grandmother didn’t. She was always about making me happy. I ripped open the decorative Christmas wrapping paper and sure enough, there was the D&G box.

Now, the styles have changed a little. I was younger and white seemed like the hottest color to me at the time. Little did I know that this would be the same pair that the rapper Soulja Boy would end up showcasing in his hit music video “Crank That” in 2007. But these glasses lasted me. I wore them everywhere. I kept them in the case, and I used the microfiber cloth to clean them. I still have the pair to this day.

I had found a new appreciation for sunglasses. I then ended up buying a pair of white Arnettes for my high school sweetheart. I continued on with purchasing the designer brands until college. I was perusing a Sunglass Hut near my university with my mother. I was looking for a pair of iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarers, while helping my mother find a cool pair too. The manager noticed that I had an eye for designer. She asked me if I would be interested in a part-time job, and two weeks later I was a sales associate. I am no longer a SGH associate, but I would consider myself to be an “experienced eyewear consultant” – or something of that sort. It has inspired me to start this blog. I hope to spark your interest in new brands or styles that you wouldn’t normal splurge or take a fashion risk on. Check back for future updates!